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Yoga Rhythms, Marcia Conroy, Yoga Instructor (E-RYT500) and Healing Touch Certified Practitioner



Welcome to Yoga Rhythms

Yoga is a journey of developing an individual practice to become more focused in living a balanced and healthy life. It is a slow progression of unlimited benefits and possibilities.  My mission is to provide a safe environment for students giving them the opportunity to develop their yoga practice.  Students will learn how to integrate the mind, body and spirit to co-exist in harmony.   

I will identify each student's strengths and weaknesses offering modifications to poses in a step by step progression.  Students will experience the benefits of yoga such as:

  • Execute breathing techniques to energize or calm the body.
  • Enhance and enliven energy channels to increase energy flow eliminating blockages.
  • Learn poses to strengthen and stretch the muscles making them lean and strong.
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion of the joints.
  • Promote back stability and health.
  • Perform weight bearing postures to build skeletal bone mass.
  • Study balancing poses increasing concentration skills and agile movement.
  • Practice poses to improve heart health and cleanse the internal organs.
  • Integrate restorative techniques to relieve stress deep within the body.
  • Develop meditation skills to illuminate and harness creativity, and explore one's full potential.

These classes will assist all levels of students to align and energize each pose while keeping awareness.  In this awareness they will begin to feel their strength to develop flexibility, stamina, and balance; releasing tension, and honoring their body as it is now.  Each individual will learn how to adjust their practice to compliment their unique body, mind and spirit, whatever that may be for them.